Nee Naw Nee Naw Nee Naw Nee Naw

E! True Hollywood Story. ~3AM this morning.
I drew this while Lou was asleep on the ground and I was waiting for SC024+25+27 to render. There is no SC026, do not worry that I missed it.
We are finished! Next stop Galway! Shout out to my peep Laura V on next years rounds!


  1. you are finished what?

  2. Finished working on a film of a friend of mine, Just came on board at the back end of it, putting everything together, but jesus it took long enough!

  3. congrads man. i heard the film is great, can wait to see it

  4. Cheers, Paddy, I think. You really need to proof read before publishing methinks. Hope all is well down the back of beyond for ye!

  5. yeah i suck at spelling although it has gotten better since i found out that Mozilla has a spell check.

    What i meant to say was that i can't wait to see it.Things are grand working away on a TV show and doing a few thing in the evenings apart of drinking which they are mad for down here :).

    you seem pretty productive your self at the moment.