PURE South Animation Films Screening

The two latest PURE South Animation Film School films are screening this evening at 1830,  at Rua Red in Tallaght. This year we have a Noir-style detective story, and a Rap-fueled tale of redemption:

Mason Phelps: Private Eye
A suspicious crime has gone down by the old graveyard, and it's up to Mason Phelps to outmanoeuvre the suspects and get to the bottom of this awful mess...
Created by Danielle Norman, Nicole Smith, Shannon O'Reilly, Karl Wynne, Leah Byrne, Jamie O'Neill, Conor Halpin, Evan Thompson, Leah Menton, Dylan Hillary and Jessica Reddin of Collinstown Park Community College, Dublin.

MC Tra$h: Transformation Revelation
While cooking a nice organic broth, Rita Red Eye the Witch is shaken up by MC Tra$h and his wasteful ways. Now it's time for her to show him how it feels to be dumped on...
Created by Dean Dillon, Richard Roche, Darragh Singleton, Anthony Brennan, Daniel Kulis, Tyrick Tschuma, Daniel Oladeji, David Oladeji, Shane Leech and Miracle Olowu at Brookfield Community Youth Project, Dublin.

The students wrote, designed, recorded dialogue, and animated their films over two week-long workshop events in February.

These workshops were facilitated by Eimhin McNamara, Carol Freeman, Chris McLoughlin,  Pádraig Fagan, and Christina O'Donovan, with the assistance of Silvia Nevado, Catríona Reilly, Fiona McDonnell and Marie O'Connell. Featuring original music by Chris McLoughlin and, on MC Tra$h, the rap stylings of Tyrick Tschuma, Daniel Oladeji, David Oladeji and Miracle Olowu.

The films were produced in conjunction with Ian Davis of the PURE Project (Protecting Uplands and Rural Environments), South Dublin County Council, Brookfield Community Facility and Collinstown Park Community College.

They will be available to view on-line after the premiere.


Deneview Snowfox

Recent greyhound portrait commission, ink and watercolour 250mm x 250mm

And here it is at home in Finland.


Illustrations for sale

Ink and watercolour 120x90mm
€35 + postage and packaging

Ink and watercolour 110x90mm
€25 + postage and packaging

Afghan Hound
Ink and watercolour 100x80mm
€25 + postage and packaging

Ink and watercolour 90x70mm
€20 + postage and packaging

Red greyhound
Ink and watercolour 90x70mm
€20 + postage and packaging

Fawn Greyhound
Ink and watercolour 80x80mm
€15 + postage and packaging

Oscar the Shih-Tzu Bichon mix
Ink and watercolour 80x80mm
€15 + postage and packaging

Comment here or mail me at eimhinmcnamar(at)gmail.com if interested in purchasing!


Sold Illustrations

Illustrations which have recently been sold.

Ink and watercolour 85x100mm

Scruffy Lurcher SOLD

Ink and watercolour 80mmx80mm

Black Greyhound SOLD
Ink and watercolour 80mmx80mm

3. White Deerhound SOLD
Ink and watercolour 80mmx80mm

Corgi SOLD
Ink and watercolour 80mmx70mm

Chops the lurcher SOLD
Ink and watercolour 80mmx80mm

Badger SOLD
Ink and watercolour 80x80mm

Phoebe the greyhound
Ink and watercolour 75x90mm

Ink and watercolour 100x115mm

Red Squirrel
Ink and watercolour 80x80mm

Maned Wolf
Ink and watercolour 90x120mm

Neapolitan Mastiff
Ink and watercolour 145x120mm

Illustration Orders

Above are some recent illustrations. Hit me up on eimhinmcnamara(at)gmail.com if you'd like one for yourself. Also if you order 4 or more prints from my shop, you can get a little ink doodle for free.