Pet Portraits

Hi guys!

I'm offering a deal at my shop at the moment:
I'm taking commissions based on a photo/photos of your chosen pet, which I'll be drawing up and painting on cardboard (~ 150mm x 150mm).
Pictured are some example portraits, to help give an idea of what to expect.
They ain't no masterpieces but I really just wanna see all you guys' pets, and need to get stuck back into drawing again before I forget how.
It's €15 a portrait, but I can do combo deals if you'd like more than one, and I ship internationally for €3. Each additional item has free shipping.
Contact me at eimhinmcnamar(at)gmail(dot)com if interested.




A quick sketch that went out complimentary with a print order from my shop.
We met this collie/lurcher at the park during the week. Lucy was adopted from the DSPCA about 10 months ago.