I listen to music too

"The internet is made up of words and enthusiasm."
I'm not certain how many people have been coming here, as of late it has been arbitrarily excluding people and denying access, as if there was much drawing (HAH!) power to begin with. In any case; in the little blog roll on the left you will see several links, some are pictures (such as vernacular photography, which is worth a look) and, getting to the point of this post, some are music blogs.
"I like music. It makes me feel wholly unmanly things."
A recent notable addition to the Blog Roll is:
I am the Crime

Goodnight, I plan to weep into my hands over my Annecy conundrum....


Gus Van Sant

For those of you that have seen this already, I apologise, but I am far too self-satisfied to not germinate it further:


Probably the best adaptation I've never done.


An imagined conversation...

Finally got started on this comic thing. Have been held up by disorderly behaviour the past few days. Will be done within the week.



Kate Bush has been stuck in my head the past few weeks. Nevertheless I spent about twenty minutes on this before realising that I was better off eating two apple pies.

I read this comment on a youtube video recently, it cracked me up:

naruto2121x (6 hours ago)

"in 1908 a lady named sally rusa was in the woods looking for a dog until a ghost came and killed her so if ur reading this u will find a bloody body in your closet hanging there haunting you and will kill you and ur family and if u want to stop this just sends this to 6 videos in 30 mins or this will happen good luck (sorry guys i hate this stuff :( it just scares me)"

What a kook.


Apologies. I haven't been making any thing the last week or so. Mostly I've been nesting in myself and Éamo's new flat, swimming in the sea in the evenings when I can and reading books, a departure from the normal wakecycleworkcyclwsleep with an intermittent eat. A change of pace. I'll hopefully put up a short comic strip I've been noodling with next weekend. Good day.