Charcoal + PS BG from old grad film. Animated Rain, Kid & Blanket.

In case you haven't noticed: Secret blog isn't secret anymore. The haunting needed to end, you see, so I turned it out into the light of day. Annecy was awesome/excruciating. I did some drawing and note-taking that may end up here once I compile em. Until then here's something:


  1. I don't know if it makes me an egotist or something but i keep getting lost in that background... I'm quite sure I couldn't have done it.

  2. I remember trying to colour the rain or water or something and after an hour I became so confused and lost I just had to leave the room.

    ps the site is still haunted, but with added ad imps all over the place

  3. If I'd ever finished it and ever put credits on it, you would've been there Peavolov. Mostly I blame computers and my parents.
    Ad imps shall offset the ghosts, though there may be some turf wars... but it's all about the dollar dollar bill ya'll. But you ain't gonna catch me ridin' durtty.

  4. Horra! I can finally see the whole of your blog, as opposed to just one digitally disfigured image. The unsecreting had to happen!

  5. It will never Last, O'Horra. Perpetual succour is wanting.