I kind of failed at this one...



Dr. Vladimir Yazdovsky wrote, "I wanted to do something nice for her: She had so little time left to live."
For Ciarán.


Sheep bus

Another birthday card for a very talented person who also has a name that is like mine
Forgive the crap photo, the thing was made in the lobby of cineworld and the light sources are not that good for camera work.


Clare Champion Interview

Nicola Corless' Clare Champion Interview of me: link
Thanks again for being so patient with my mumbo jumbo, I'm surprised any sense could be made of it.
After a quick read through there are some slight omissions and errors (regarding Pádraig's funding coming from Culture Ireland rather than National Film School for instance) but mostly looks good. I'm afraid to read it again cause I sound like (read: "am") a complete prat, though, so sin é.

Playdough 2008-2010

This is the card that the L Arthur has untimely ripped from "I'm sure I put my key on my" Ciarán and Oscar the Growth's collective womb.
PS. Previous Playdough's of a more photographic nature can be found:
here & here & here


Card Competition

I'm making a card with a puppy on it. It is about B5 size and is made out of card paper pieced together in that crappy half collage/half stop motion puppet way that I do these things. First one to comment here wins it to take home to their very own home. I'll update this with the image as soon as I finish it.

Paddington Station

I still have the hiccoughs.



Masayoshi Nakano

Now I know I normally don't like to post other people's stuff up here, I'm not sure if I ever have actually but I came across this in a book called Drawing from life: the journal as art by Jennifer New
He is terribly interesting isn't he?



I got my reels back and even escaped from Crn's nefarious schemes to exchange my christmas lights for his boats!
It's almost complete garbage but there are two maybe three nice bits! Thanks to a Mr. P Fagan for letting me borrow the use of his projector and cake.
Gotta sleepare for my 40ft dip tomorrow... well today.
Cheery Bye



Here's what I did in Merca, some are still en-route I believe.
A big thanks to my uncle Oscar and Jacqui (who has her own selection of lovely pictures from the trip on her blog) for chafeuring us about the place and feeding me!


San Francisco

Hi all!
First of all apologies for the prevalence of the textual type of posting, I will have some pictures and drawings to put up soon enough. And now:
Yuri was great, we (read: Eimhin) fanboyed the shit out of it and had a good gawk all over Francesca's gorgeous pictures. Special thanks to Piotr (who helped organise the event), Leda and Sasha who helped with a bit of translating for me and a shout out to Christian Robinson and Nick Sung and especially to Erin who was kind enough to give us a lift all the way back to our hostel after the film screenings. More San Fran fun tomorrow but first sleep!
PS apologies for the inevitable mispellings :(


Venice Beach

Hi all, just a quick post, Annie Awards only hours away, Yuri Norstein and San Francisco a little over 24 hours away. We went to Disneyland yesterday, got rained out of it. There has been a drought apparently.
Bon Suevos
Seth Green and Robot Chicken were awarded the Annie award for best short, not us :(