A photo shoot with this delightful pup, now residing in Vancouver with Jacqui.


Lady Judy. About as small as the top of my thumb. With LP. This was made the morning after myself and my little sister stayed up till 0500 making badges.

After Nate Wragg put up a work-in-progress on one of his illustrations I thought I might as well do something similar:

Photo of Judy:

Sketches and Design:
Cardboard painted:
Molly holding one of the Badge Judy's:


Then I finally got her to go to bed.


This Regal looking Lady belongs to LP now. I've been trying out some fabric sample swatches. I like the way it turns out so far.

Sheep Waits

Living underneath me. Cloud by LP.


Now residing in Galway.

Bear and Rabbit discuss Botany.

With embroidery by LP. Arrived safely in Zurich just last week.

Splash more

I revisited an earlier design and, along with needle work by LP, threw in some fabric and the like. In Fairview now.

The Band's Back Together!

Two pieces I made while at the Shebeen Chic Crafty Market. Now with Daniel, who's learning Guitar, and Daithí, who's drumming up a storm.


Animation Workshops in the IFI on the 30th Dec

Hi all!
After the success of Christian's workshop earlier on this year I was asked to return and facilitate another children's animation workshops in the Irish Film Institute in Templebar.
I showed the class how to make thaumatropes, a camera-less form of animation.

I also brought along an example of a flipbook and some of my professional work, which helped to get the children thinking about what else they could do with the medium.

Some more workshops are in the works at the moment, I will keep you posted!!


Recent Work-in-Progress shots

Here are some bits and pieces I've been putting together for markets recently along with a deadly bit of flower and raindrop embroidery by Lisa P.
I've been putting up similar work in progress shots on my Tumblr the past few months.
I'm currently occupied with a development gig, so forgive me if they posts are lagging these days.

Toe Jam at the Bernard Shaw!

Myself, Lisa Powell and Louise Bagnall have a stall today at the Bernard Shaw, Saturday 18 December from 1200-1800!
Come on up to Camden St's finest and buy some prints, postcards, jewellery, Christmas decorations, decoupage artwork and chococlate paneer!