This week at the Park

Me and Leroy met a wee girl.
Whenever she petted Leroy he would lick her up the nose.
She kept exclaiming: "He licked me right up my nose!" when he did this, yet kept coming back to pet him again.


Rooster @ Annecy 2012

‎"The Rooster, the Crocodile and the Night Sky," a film myself and Pádraig Fagan made back in 2008, is screening in Annecy this year.

It's in programme four of the Irish animation industry retrospective; Forty Frames of Green, and Screeening times are Monday 4th June at 1400 and Friday the 8th at 2030. There's loads of other great film being screened as part of the retrospective too, so check out the lists!

I'll be attending on Monday at the DECAVISION if any of you want to come up and say hi afterwards


Be still, my beating art

Hi all!

Myself, Ciarán Duffy, Louise BagnallMatt HoranRachel FeuryConal KelleherÉamonn O'Neill and Kieran Crowley were featured at a recent exhibition curated by Laura Venables, a former tutor of us all. I thought you guys might want to see some of the photos from the exhibition.

My figure stuff
My sketchbook stuff
Rachel's goodness
More Rachel tasties
Matt's gorgeous little things
And again! Such divine benevolence!
Eamonn's deadly drawings and designs
Ciarán's multiple image onslaught
Lovely lovely rats on the right side of this one.
Louise's bunnies and non bunnies. The big one is HUGE!

Unfortunately I didn't get any good photos of Conall's and Kieran C's stuff the day before the show, but there's loads of stuff to enjoy on their blogs!!

As well as our illustration and figure drawing work, we also screened some of our animation and video work. Here is a full list of the screening programme:

1. My Day - Eamonn O'Neill 2008
2. The Rooster the Crocodile and the Night Sky - Pádraig Fagan with Eimhin McNamara 2008
3. Donkey - Louise Bagnall with Ciaran Duffy 2009
4. On the Quiet - Eamonn O'Neill 2009
5. Untitled excerpts - Eimhin McNamara 2009
6. Morningbird - Eamonn O'Neill 2010
7. Font - Eimhin McNamara 2010
8. Odd little things - Ciaran Duffy 2011
9. Isaac the Alchemist animation test - Eimhin McNamara 2011
10. I'm fine thanks - Eamonn O'Neill 2011
11. Cecelia and her selfhood - Eimhin McNamara with Adrien Merigeau 2011
12. Twitch - Ciaran Duffy 2012

Another little morsel from Rachel
Ciarán's book "Ink animals" was also on display for the opening night. BUY HERE
What would an exhibition be without our own very wizard, Grand Vizier Ryder.
Head of School Donald Taylor Black, looking as intense as ever.
My mother catered the event. Many many multi-coloured cupcakes.
Louise and Ciarán made a surprise visit
Watching "Cecelia and her selfhood" which I worked on with Adrien Merigeau
The lady of the hour Laura


Leroy approved of the show too, most importantly.

Unfortunately do to conflicts with scheduling we have had to forego the continuation of the show into next week, so Saturday was the last day. If any one would be interested in purchasing the prints from the show, they can contact the respective artists for a quote.

Thanks for listening/looking!