MOUSE (1/3)

Heyo, This is what I was working on last week, well one of three, while doing a couple of other things too. Obviously it's the mouse character from that decadent and well known Pádraig Fagan production "The Rooster the Crocodile and the Night Sky." In other news I broke my first bone, a collar bone, a fortnight ago; though I only found it was broken a few days ago. Doctors, hwua, c'mere but g'wan out of away with - - anyways.I have taken some time off to mend the old collar bone and am strung up like a prize mule in what amounts to a bra that gives me great shoulder blade cleavage. CURSE YOU LUAS!!!! Enjoy yourselves and drive safely all youse out in radio land!

Pressed flowers, leaves, granola box, acrylic ink, cotton wool, a drawing pin for a nose and a picture frame.
(photography by Ciarán Duffy)


  1. I think the photography here really outshines the piece.
    Well done that photographer.

    You should post photos of your new wonderbra-esque back rack.



  2. You're starting to sound like Leigh now.
    If this Cíarán Duffy Character, who seems to share your first name, what a coincidence, can call round sometime and take pictures of my wobrabark, that would be great.

  3. I've always wanted to be more like Leigh. Always.
    Et cetera.

    Anyway, this photo thing sounds like the kind of thing that could happen tomorrow eve after a certain person leaves work.

  4. It may very well happen tomorrow after a certain person leaves work and before another certain person heads into green19 for dinner. Do tell me won't you?