Meet Leroy

This is Leroy, say hallo, Leroy.

Video Work 2011

Hi All!
I've been a bit busy this year, some stuff I'm still finishing off and some stuff I'm only just starting, but in the mean time here is a video playlist of the animation and video work I've produced over the past 12 months, which comes to a little over 38 minutes of footage:



Spinach Pastry Pie

Spinach Puff Pastry PieBased on a recipe in Jillian Tamaki’s SuperMutant Magic Academy feed: http://mutantmagic.com/post/11866068064/spinach-pie-a-brief-interlude-from-teen-mutant
Kept to the formula mostly, except I forgot to put dill in it and I threw in Haloumi, which I had pan fried quickly. My doctor says I don’t have enough cholestoral in my diet.I always make too much bean salad… 

Based on a recipe in Jillian Tamaki’s SuperMutant Magic Academy feed: http://mutantmagic.com/post/11866068064/spinach-pie-a-brief-interlude-from-teen-mutant
Kept to the formula mostly, except I forgot to put dill in it and I threw in Haloumi, which I had pan fried quickly. My doctor says I don’t have enough cholestoral in my diet.
Second time I used phyllo instead of puff pastry... not so good.


This is Leroy. I've been taking care of him the last few weeks, with the help of LP

A little tiny version of a portrait I made of Judy last Christmas  (HERE)

More pictures HERE


Print Package Drawings

Here are some drawing type things that are going out with the recent print orders:
For James
For Angela

For Daniella
You too could get a complimentary one of these in the post when you order my prints on-line: LINK



€2 polaroid prints now on sale at http://en.dawanda.com/shop/eimhinssecretshop
€2 polaroid prints now on sale at http://en.dawanda.com/shop/eimhinssecretshop
All orders made through the shop will also get a complimentary animal drawing by me, specify in the notes what type, my default setting is "dog"!


Sound+Vision Animation Workshop

The results of last weekends workshops for the SOUND+VISION Music Film Festival, which took place in the Model Sligo.

I hope you enjoy!

Made with Pádraig Fagan and John Kanu
Special thanks to:
Lara Byrne and the rest of the staff at the Model Sligo,
Colin McKeown of Cinema Northwest,
and extra special thanks to Vivienne Coyle for helping us out over the weekend.

This Workshop was made possible thanks to funding from the International Fund for Ireland, and with the support of the festival partners: the Model SligoIrish Film Institute and Cinema North West.

Pádraig working with one of the students at the stop-motion workshop

The spinner class being shown a thaumatrope in action

A Truck Thaumatrope

Hiding behind some of the Model's patrons while doing some editing before I hit the road

Life Drawing Experiments

A series of videos made using my students drawings:

First I set them up encircling the model, evenly spaced, so that the rotation rate would not be too jittery. Each frame is made up of a drawing which would have taken between 10-20 minute to create, using a mixture of charcoal, pastels or whatever else is at hand, so for one person to just create the drawings would take about 5 hours, so the model would probably not survive.

I then photographed each drawing, working my way around the room in sequence, so I could keep track of the order of the drawings and how they are placed in the 360 degree view of the model.

After cleaning up the images a little digitally I then brought them into Aftereffects and lined up any points of reference in the drawing, using a vertical line going (usually) straight through the middle of the head, as the locus of rotation.

By piecing them together, we can see the consistency in the pose over the multiple drawings, what people concentrate on, what is on the periphery. The interesting thing is that even though many of the drawings are quite radically different, in proportions, tone, and colour, our eyes still prefer to view the similarities rather than the differences, and the sequence of drawings feels like one rotating pose.
A video by Aoife Balfe got me thinking about doing something like this a while back: vimeo.com/user5046445

Though attributing a drawing to each person is kind of tricky here is a full list of the Production Design for Stage and Screen Students which participated in these classes:

Make Up Design:
Sarah Butler, James Christie, Amy Connolly, Ruth Curran, Caoimhe Duignan,
Helen McGinty, Ashley O'Sheehan, Marie Sweeney, Hazel Williams

Costume Design:
Molly Burns, Claire Collins, Connor Dalton, Alexandra Delaney, Audra Levinskaite,
Emma Loughlin, Niamh Ryan, Sophie Shannon, Sinéad Smith, Caoimhe Smullen

Production Design:
Chiara Byrne, Victoria Carney, Niamh Devitt, Nicole Kelly, Emily Mahon,
Fiona Patten, Brian Phelan, Gary Monahan, , Nicola Ryan

Special thanks:Martin Marley, Mark Joyce, Laura Venables, Keith Foran,
and the Production Design for Stage and Screen 1st years!

Made with the participation of:
the Drawing Project Dún Laoghaire and the National Film School @ IADT


A birthday gift for a friend
(cardboard, gouache, watercolour, ink, 95mm x 95mm)

Some photos: