Concept Sketch

Hi guys,
Here's a quick sketch my friend Bob Gallagher asked me to do. It was used as a cover sheet on a live action film pitch himself and Michael Heneghan submitted during the week. I'll keep you guys posed on how they gets on! This image probably doesn't say much about the story, so you're gonna have to wait and see!
The digi-painting took about 4-5 hours or so, though I fell asleep doing it and finished it in the morning - only just in time to get it to the printers hah.
In case you can't make it out, he's carrying some dead rabbits over his shoulder.



Another complimentary drawing that's gone off with an order from my shop: http://en.dawanda.com/shop/eimhinssecretshop
Who knows what I may make next!



I made this about 4 years ago, I think, for a friend of mine. It was right after a fairly deadly New Years eve party in Galway, and then some transport back to Dublin trouble, with the eventual departure at 3 am on Jan 2nd City link. I created it using some cardboard from a box of roses and shortbread biscuits and food-poisoning in AJ's spare room the morning after and there I left it for her to discover when she got back from LDN.
I finally got a photo, is why I talking.


Salty Sea Dog

A little test with salt on a scanner for an upcoming class, used it in the same manner as sand on a lightbox.

I covered the scanner in cling film to try and protect the glass but the salt tends to tear the cling film in any case, so twas not much use. Acetate may be more successful in future attempts.