Anti-Social Saturday morning & Social Saturday night

I made this little puppy for a page in my sketchbook. It is ~25mm X 20mm. It is small like. Then I decided to go out into the world.
I went out to a house warming party at the lovely Scruff's new place, whereupon he presented us (Lou and Aidan, assisted by the lovely Tara's scathingly political caricatures) with two sheets of A0 canvas board to fill with pictures. They filled it, with offerings by Zena and Grace too, and moved onto the next one while I had just finished cutting out my horse and was about to glue it together. In fairness, I was taking a major karaoke bullet for the other two animators when I should have been drawing. Ingratitude.


Quotes of note from Yuri Norstein:
On filmmaking:
"A film should only be made if the filmmaker has properly imagined it, and can conceive it in the simplest terms, like a proverb."
Oh his animation manifesto Snow on Grass:
"This sort of literature does not contain trappings of our time. It does not pacify, it does not promise, it does not give hope, it contains no rules that would guarantee a person’s artistic future. It is not comfortable and it is not like traditional literature on fine art."
That is gooooooooood