For Lisa's handywork

Some designs which you can see in fully fabricated glory here


Messing about with some lighting

You can better see the rear lit window here, and the shiny gold clasps on the dungarees.
A scan of the final framed piece


Lightbox Film Festival - Sligo

Hi all,
Will be hosting a stopmotion workshop at this years Lightbox festival, on the morning of Saturday the 7th. There's loads of great films at it too; including the Fierlinger's My Dog Tulip, Jan Sverak's Kooky and a selection of shorts curated by Michael Connerty.
Here's the festival schedule:
(Click for full size)
Hope to see ye there!


Otto's Animation Party

Janey it's very yellow...
Made with the assistance of a number of hyperactive 10 year olds and Lisa Powell (who's been busy animating her own stuff since: link)