Life Drawing at The Drawing Project 23-02-201

Some life drawing I managed to do at the class I'm hosting in Dún Laoghaire.
If anyone would like to attend, they can contact me here: eimhinmcnamara@gmail.com


Spit painting

Quick Sketch off the Sartorialist, done while waiting for files to open/save.
I had no water handy so I just spat on my paints like the muck savage I am.


Mr Maguffins' Coffee Mishap

That's not how you drink coffee Mr Maguffins.
For sale here: LINK
(Water colour 10x16cm)


Burning midnight Soil

A quick drawing while backing files up, I think I accurately captured my disgusting face.


About Page

Heya everyone, I'm slowly overhauling my site over the next few weeks with pages so ya can quickly see what my workshop stuff is about, or what's happening with my commercial work. So in the general progression towards that I have set up an about page to the left there, where you can find a general over view of my things and stuff. These are some drawings I did for the about page to spruce it up a bit.

Leroy sleeping. He does this, mostly.

RSVP & Invite

Here are some things I did for some very special friends of mine, who are getting married imminently. These guys have been feeding me for years, so hats off to them!

This is Boz, Boz is a she-dog.

This image was heavily inspired by Paul Henry's "In the West of Ireland"
Please don't sue me Mr. Henry.


Comhrá Ceoil logo design

I was recently asked to do some logo design for a this.

Couple of Edits

Final 3 logo Versions



Another complimentary drawing to go with some print orders. Went a bit overboard here again and left it in the oven too long I think.
Check out my shop for some Print things that you all might like: SHOP