Wolfhound Drawing

Another little drawing that went off with a set of prints, to America this time.
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Another complimentary little drawing that went out with a print order this week, this time of Sheba the Saluki sleeping in a very awkward position, as is their won't.
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"Home Sweet Home"

Hi all!I know it's been quiet here the past few weeks. I have finished teaching the PURE Wicked Animation Filmschool with Pádraig and Carol and am in the throes of putting all the films together for the showcase

Whilst down in Wicklow I was able to put together a little piece for an upcoming charity auction, Animation Art Show, which is taking place this Sunday July 29th at the Science Gallery in Dublin, from 12:30-16:00. The show was put together by Simon Kelleghan Bianca Beneduci and Estrela Lourenço, and is in aid off the Children's Sunshine Home and the Laura Lynn Foundation.

Here is my piece, called "Home Sweet Home"

It is ITEM 11 and features in LOT 1, bidding begins at 13:30, but be sure to get there early to sign in!

Here's how I went about making it:
After figuring out the designs in pencil I digitised them and made a quick colour study, adjusting some things for scale. I then used the monitor as a lightbox, tracing the scene onto paper and transferring it to cardboard.

I then cut out the characters and glued them together. Inevitably many minutes were spent looking for parts that went missing.

There they are now all put together. Yep.

Once I had decided on a frame size I made the background to scale, with a little bit of layering to give it some depth.

Be sure to check the Animation Art Show blog for a full listing of the items and the bidding times.
Thanks for reading and I hope to see you all at the auction on Sunday!



A complimentary drawing to go with a big print order someone benevolently ordered from my shop.

I've been helping out with a dog's foster the last few days. This is him. I just call him dog, but his name is Amos. Once we figure out how his temperament is, he'll be up for adoption from the lovely people at Sighthound Strolls.