Hi everyone, or just one, depending on how many of you there are.

I am Eimhin. It is a strange name and is actually pronounced like Evan. So really it would be more straightforward to say that I am Evan. Straightforwardness is not, however, my way; as you may be able to tell already by this long-winded introduction.

In any case, I am an animator, that sometimes makes films and music videos and the odd time works on a commercial or two, as well as intermittently operating as a hired gun on some studio projects.

There are a number of tabs on the side of this site, clicking on them will help you navigate through all the pointless things to find what you are looking for.
But just in case you want to see some things with out clicking anything more here is some things:

Here is a film I worked on a while back:
It was fun and me and Pádraig got to travel a little bit around the world with it and it got some prizes and some nominations and that. Here is a gallery featuring some of the production artwork and a number of behind the scenes photos: LINK
You can find more of my video work here: LINK

Here's a selection of my image type work:
(Click to enlarge)

(You can navigate the Illustration, Cut-Out, Lifedrawing and Sketchbook tags to see more)

I also teach animation workshops. Here's one film my students produced:
You can find out a little more about my workshops here: LINK and you can see more of the results from my numerous workshops by clicking on the Workshop tag.

If you'd like to get in touch about animation or illustration work, or for any questions, you can reach me here: eimhinmcnamara@gmail.com or even on my Twitter account: @EimhinMcNamara

Well that's it.

Here is a drawing of my dog: