Workshop Information

Hi all,

I've been getting quite a few requests and queries as of late about the kind of animation workshops I have to offer and I thought it a good idea to consolidate the information all in one place, for ease of sharing. I will be updating the information and tweaking the workshop types as they evolve, but here is what I currently have in my bag of tricks:

Thaumatrope Workshop

Works well for the less advanced, between 4 and 8 years old, as it is quite instantaneous. Also a larger group is more easily managed because the kids aren't going to be waiting around to use any equipment as it is a camera-less form of animation.These tend to be paired with the more advanced flip-book or stop-motion workshops that I host at venues, allowing a younger age group to take part.

Duration: 60 minutes, Group Size: 15-20, Age Group: 4-8

Video Examples: Link 1Link 2Link 3Link 4Link5Link6

Flipbook Workshop

Suiting an intermediate class, it involves the kids creating their own flipbook animations. This involves a brainstorming session, where we figure out what action they would like to make come alive then the kids can get stuck into the animation. It helps for the children to have a good grasp of drawing so an older group is better but even with younger children you can get really imaginative results.

Duration: 100 minutes, Group Size 10-15, Age Group: 7+
Video Examples:  Link1 Link2

Pixilation Workshop


For this workshop the kids are the characters that we animate, and through introducing props and animation trick photography we can learn how to recreate movement frame-by-frame. The age group can be fairly flexible in this case as well, though a large space is required to host the workshop.

Duration 100 minutes, Group Size 8-10, Age Group: 6+
Video Examples: Link

Sand Animation Workshop

For this workshop  I introduce the students to sand animation technique. This class is less character based and more about playing and experimenting with movement.

Duration: 180 minutes, Group Size: 8, Age Group: 8+

Stop-Motion Workshop

Quite time intensive and requires a good degree of concentration across a longer period of time, this workshop is more suitable for smaller groups of a more advanced age.It includes a brief storyboarding stage, where the children figure out what it is they are going to animate, a modelling stage, where they sculpt their characters out of clay, and the shooting stage, where they animate their stories in front of the camera.

Duration: 180 minutes, Group Size: 8, Age Group: 8+
Video Examples: Link Link Link

Animation Filmschool Workshop

Over 5 days I work with a group of 5-10 students to create a stop-motion animated film, taking the project from script to storyboard and design to animation. This is my most advanced workshop, and most time intensive, going from 10.00-17.00 five days a week. It includes an introduction to animation techniques and film screenings, which are scattered throughout the week, and hopes to create a general appreciation of all things animated.

It involves a number of weeks of post-production by myself, where the footage is edited with sound effects and original music by Chris McLoughlin, a talented composer and model-maker.

Duration: 5 days, Group Size: 5-10, Age Group: 13+

Film Examples:
BindeavourMonster ProblemSheep & WolfWelcome to EarthSomething FishyThe Smalls

I can change the scale and approach depending on what the requirements are for the event and what facilities, as well as funds, are available. For this reason I haven't specified the pricing of each workshop.
Package deals are also available, having organised a number of workshops during this year's Dublin City Chinese New Year Celebrationsthe Charlie Chaplin Comedy Film Festival in Waterville, and SOUND+VISION in Sligo, so please do get in touch with me at eimhinmcnamara (at) if you have any queries on pricing or are looking to organise any animation workshop events in the future.

Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!
Eimhin McNamara