road trip china

Sketchbook 5 (PART 1/2)

a bunch of fairly random stuff, makes about as much sense as a jellyfish being rained on by glass cows

Sketchbook 5 (PART 2/2)

I only got to make a Gerbil in the end

Orby Park at Night

Sketchbook 4 (PART 2/2)


pesky polski Krisczkets

almost a painting

for the mother


Film Idea

I've come up with some autobiographical film ideas the last few weeks. This one must never be allowed to be made

virtual cinema

concept designs for some recent funding submissions.
UPDATE 02.06.09: Will probably resubmit again this year. Could not be arsed writing up new proposals for the other ideas.

negative negatives

Camera+no idea what I'm doing