I listen to music too

"The internet is made up of words and enthusiasm."
I'm not certain how many people have been coming here, as of late it has been arbitrarily excluding people and denying access, as if there was much drawing (HAH!) power to begin with. In any case; in the little blog roll on the left you will see several links, some are pictures (such as vernacular photography, which is worth a look) and, getting to the point of this post, some are music blogs.
"I like music. It makes me feel wholly unmanly things."
A recent notable addition to the Blog Roll is:
I am the Crime

Goodnight, I plan to weep into my hands over my Annecy conundrum....

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  1. Hey there .. I only just noticed you were looking for part one fo the Steinway doc .. I presume you figured out that it was art the botttom no??? Let me knwo if there wa sa problem with it or anything ...