Trinity Animation Society Year 2

Hi All,
I recently started facilitating an animation workshop with Trinity College Dublin's Animation Society

I began the programme with an introduction to animation, this involved talking a little bit about animations development and the different techniques and medium used.
I also screened a number of films to help illustrate these different approaches, you can find these films here.

We began the practical side of the workshop last week, where-in the students came up with a short narrative, with the help of some brainstorming techniques.

At yesterday's class we began building all the elements required for the film, and we will be starting animation in the coming weeks. Here are some photos showing some props being built:

After animation wraps I will be taking the students through the post-production process, colour correction editing and sound-mix.

We hope to screen the finished film at the end of the term, details of the time and place to follow.
In the mean time you can find last years 'dance' project below:

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