Blackrock Animation Film Festival

Above is the animation my students created during the sand animation workshops I hosted with Imelda Donohoe, at this year's Blackrock Animation Film Festival.

We facilitated two classes; one with a group of special needs students from the Carmona Society, and another with a mixture of students aged 7-17 years old.
We started the classes by screening Meldy's recently completed sand-animation film "Struck Emotion" and Caroline Leaf's "The Owl Who Married a Goose."

Below are some spooky looking photos from the workshop, that show the students hard at work:

We were lucky enough to have a visit from Merlin Crossingham near the end of the second class. Merlin was over for the festival, giving a lecture on his work with Aardman as creative director of Wallace & Gromit and animation supervisor, we almost tricked him into doing some sand animation himself. You can read a little interview with him here: LINK

Special thanks to festival director Fionnghuala Neill, the Carmona Society, and all the board and staff of Urban Junction in Blackrock.

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