Life drawing at the Drawing Project 08-03-2012

Managed to get a little bit more done at yesterday's class, and even made one drawing that bears a passing resemblance to the model, Niall, a fellow animator who also teaches life drawing, both in Ireland and abroad on the continent.

I primarily used a wee refillable brush pen thing that I got in Annecy years ago but never used. I like the range from fine line to broad stroke you can get, may use it a little in the next class too.

Here are the drawings in chronological order:


 For a part of tonight's class we produced sequential drawings, breaking an action into 3 poses; beginning, middle, and end.

First sequential drawing, wanted to concentrate on the face for this one mainly
I next attempted to draw the poses one on top of another, as you might do when onion skinning animation.

(failed first pose of the sequential above, distance between shoulder and hip is all kinds of wrong.)

I then did my usual sugar paper pastelly stuff.

All drawings are for sale. Email me if your interested and I can give you a quote: eimhinmcnamara@gmail.com


  1. Gorgeous stuff. Third one down in particular.

  2. Cheers Eoghan, I'm proud of that one meself, even though twas mega quick.

  3. Thanks for the plug. It's interesting seeing yourself through other's eyes..

  4. Thanks for thee plug. It's interesting seeing yourself through other people's eyes..