Leroy drawing

I sent off another shipment from my print shop last week. This one went all the way to a friend of mine in Hong Kong. I think that's the furthest they've travelled so far.

In any case I included a little drawing of Leroy in with it. While I was writing the thank you note, he just kept circling and circling at my side on the couch trying to make a nest.

I was wondering if I were to make more little paintings, drawings and other originals would there be any one interested in seeing them for sale in my shop? All the recent lifedrawing is up for grabs if there's any people prospecting for that sort of thing. You can email me at eimhinmcnamara@gmail.com to get a quote, based on shipping and the size of the original.


  1. This is so Awesome...I'd totally be up for some pieces of Mini Eimhin originals!....

  2. Thanks Morg, now if I ever get the time to do them...