"Book Early And Avoid Dissapointment"

"The White Rabbit & Alice" (5 in stock)

"Blue Bird Smokes Red Bird Drinks" (SOLD OUT) *HOT SELLER*

"Centaurette" (7 in stock)

"Brazen Chair 1" (SOLD OUT)

"Brazen Chair 2" (2 in stock)

"Doctor & Dog Hurt" (2 in stock)

"Laika the Cosmodog" (2 in stock)

"I ain't afraid of no Ghosts" (7 in stock)

"Paddington" (7 in stock)

"Pelican" (SOLD OUT)

"Playdough" (6 in stock)

"Puppydough" (8 in stock)

"The Rain" (2 in stock)

So here's the full set of available Polaroids, 13 now.
I you want the full set of 13 it'll be €15 (+ Postage and Packaging). Singles are €1.50 each (+ Postage and Packaging).
Drop me a line @ eimhinmcnamara(at)gmail.com or comment here if ya'd like one or more (that way ya'd save on the old "+ Postage and Packaging")
Lots of "less than three"


  1. dude you should really illustrate a short story with this style of art. it would be really cool.

    they look wonderful , fair play

  2. can i get a playdough and puppydough and a batter burger please mahte

  3. i thin k blue smoking red drinking is me and jacko haha

    give me a few l sets so you don't have anything left over i'll give you money thursday

  4. Paddy - Cheers man. It's a lot of hassle making theses things mind, but I been thinking about one or two things along that line. Will keep you posted!
    CK - I'll hopefully have them for you tomorrow, lots of cutting to do!
    Mammy - You can't be taking all my stock, I gotta diversify my interests yo! I'll give ya some mind.