Charlie Chaplin Comedy Film Festival 2011

Hi again,

Just got back from Waterville, Co. Kerry and here are the results of the recent animation workshops, which were held as part of the Inaugural Charlie Chaplin Comedy Film Festival. We screened the completed films on Sunday at 1100 in an Tech Amergin in Waterville, to an audience packed with young animators and proud parents.

We had 22 students in the stop motion workshops, as well as an additional 32 students in the thaumatrope and flipbook workshops, over the course of the festival, with ages ranging from 5-13 years old.

Made with the assistance of:
Carol Freeman (ragamuffinesque.blogspot.com/​ & http://hartstownanimation.blogspot.com)
Christopher McLoughlin (made-of-sticks.blogspot.com/​)
Lisa Powell (sparrowfartlisa.blogspot.com/​)


Nationwide had a segment on our stop-motion workshop on their show tonight. Here is a link to the full episode on RTEplayer, the animated bits start at 4:04. Enjoy!


  1. This is sooo Cool Eimhin! The older kids really know what they're doing, I'm sure you mentoring also helped a lot and was appreciated by the kids. The one with the weight lifting is classic. Great Stuff Mr. animation professor.

  2. Aw thanks Christian! Got another few classes that I still have to put in a video. One kid animated a gorgeous swan talking off!