Maned Wolf and Newfoundland process

Maned Wolf
Ink and watercolour 90x120mm

Ink and watercolour 90x120mm €35+ P&P

A little bit of process on the latest of the illustrations I've been making and selling to indulge my ice cream addiction -  a Maned Wolf and a Newfoundland, both measuring 120mm x 90mm.

I first work out the drawing in pencil, transferring it to the watercolour paper. Sometimes I end up changing the design as I work through the painting stage but it helps a good bit to have it pre-planned at least slightly.

I lay down the colours next. In the case of the newfie (being black) I used a bunch of different colours, just to give it a less flat look once the blacks are layered on top. I work with black ink washes first then I wrap it up with a dip pen for any outline or other darker aspects. I tend to do any highlight details with white ink on top.

I used to lay the ink first but I ran out of waterproof acrylic ink, and the current type I have tends to reactivate and make an unholy mess of the drawing.

The newfie is still up for sale, so if interested in purchasing you can comment here, or get in touch with me via eimhinmcnamara(at)gmail.com. I'm also accepting commissions at the moment, if anything tickles your fancy. For anyone that might like an illustration but is looking for a bargain I have loads of prints in my Dawanda shop that are available for €2 each: LINK

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