Sound+Vision Animation Workshop

The results of last weekends workshops for the SOUND+VISION Music Film Festival, which took place in the Model Sligo.

I hope you enjoy!

Made with Pádraig Fagan and John Kanu
Special thanks to:
Lara Byrne and the rest of the staff at the Model Sligo,
Colin McKeown of Cinema Northwest,
and extra special thanks to Vivienne Coyle for helping us out over the weekend.

This Workshop was made possible thanks to funding from the International Fund for Ireland, and with the support of the festival partners: the Model SligoIrish Film Institute and Cinema North West.

Pádraig working with one of the students at the stop-motion workshop

The spinner class being shown a thaumatrope in action

A Truck Thaumatrope

Hiding behind some of the Model's patrons while doing some editing before I hit the road


  1. Heroes!
    p.s what camera do you use..? nice quality!

  2. Well for the animation I use a Canon 550D SLR, that's the big black one that I was showing you last time you were over, they had a 450D there as well that they took some photos of us at work with.