Décollage Découpage + IFTA Nomination

Hey ya'll,
I embellished a jewellery box for a birthday present. There ya go.

Also: Head Space (2010 dir Patrick Semple) is up for an IFTA this year.
I spent about 5 months overall on the project between doing character animation with pencil on paper, sound design with blocks of wood, hand saws and piping, and then special effects animation and compositing in After Effects. It was completed at Barley Films in April of 2010. Some examples of the visual work is viewable on my showreel.
Best of luck to Paddy and the film's producer Barry O'Donoghue and indeed the rest of the nominees, which are mighty tough competition!


  1. Illustrations and animations in cut out are just so cool. I like this !

    (sorry for my bad english)

  2. Thanks very much! I'm working on a couple of animations at the moment, which will hopefully be up here by the end of April.
    Also: Apologies for the spattering of poor french here, mes carottes sont cuites!

  3. Thanks for contributing LP