Recent Work-in-Progress shots

Here are some bits and pieces I've been putting together for markets recently along with a deadly bit of flower and raindrop embroidery by Lisa P.
I've been putting up similar work in progress shots on my Tumblr the past few months.
I'm currently occupied with a development gig, so forgive me if they posts are lagging these days.


  1. These are amazing, I love the mix with the felt. I need to invest in some polaroids.... just so many to choose from!

  2. Thanks KellEy! I've been trying some things with sample fabric swabs I found in Marks & Spencers too. Working good so far. I'll be popping one up here momentarily.
    If ever you feel overwhelmed by the selection of roids, remember always that whenever you purchase one, you are not just receiving a print in pseudo Polaroidal fashion but you are also losing some money.