Annecy 2010

Just got back home yesterday, still compiling notes and the like. here are two things I made on Saturday afternoon while the house was full of sleeping. I made two other ones aswell, but I lost one of them, gave the other away then I lost my camera, so no images. I do still have the blueprints though, so I'll try and make them again.
Highlights of the Fest:
Not to mention seeing the work of me mates Adrien & Alan on the big screen with Old Fangs and Dónal's animation on Miss Remarkable, which though I'd heard a lot about only saw it there and was very impressed with the final results.
I participated in an interview for Swerige Television with Adrien too, where we waxed a little lyircal on Irish Animation, so hopefully that'll be up somewhere at some point.
Thanks to all my animation friends for the fun times.

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  1. hope it was a great time. thanks for sharing them links