Living here is a constant source of mounting joy.


  1. ' Just checked your showreel. Very nice work !
    I especialy liked the paper cut animations. :)

  2. Thanks Romain! Much appreciated, you've got a bunch of great stuff over at your page!

  3. reminds me of living in Parnell street in the late 80s/90's across from the Blue Lion, turn the lights off at night and cinema verite a go go. Fab, Ev. You wanna get cracking on a film like this soon. LV

  4. I think they're all playing it up for the culchie's benefit.
    That's the plan LV, once I finish the comic & the children's picture book & finish comping that crocodile thing.

  5. your art is great. I like it.
    I have often touched myself over this blog.

    More importantly, you're the only other Eimhin I know....for I too am Eimhin.

    But your stuff if lovely.
    It's best I change my knickers now.

  6. Eimh, are you writing to yourself again?Back to the big house for you...

  7. Thanks!
    You're not the same Eimhin that carved their name into a shelf in DCU back in 2001? I've been getting some flac from that lately.
    Also; do you prefer: Éimhín or Eimhin? I do without the fadas but I know some other Eimhins that do with. In all I know four other Eimhins, excluding you and me, unless you're one of the Eimhins I already know of course, or if you're actually me having a nervous breakdown.

  8. @Laura I am indeed trying to ascertain how far gone I have gone. Will update you on the state of affairs as soon as I become awares myself.

  9. IT just hard to imagine two mentalers with that unusual name. Remind me not to call my next child Eimhin, with or without fadas.