Quotes of note from Yuri Norstein:
On filmmaking:
"A film should only be made if the filmmaker has properly imagined it, and can conceive it in the simplest terms, like a proverb."
Oh his animation manifesto Snow on Grass:
"This sort of literature does not contain trappings of our time. It does not pacify, it does not promise, it does not give hope, it contains no rules that would guarantee a person’s artistic future. It is not comfortable and it is not like traditional literature on fine art."
That is gooooooooood


  1. :3 :3 :3 i like this forever mister

  2. Some great words from the finn Aki Kaurismaki, another hero of mine http://zakka.dk/euroscreenwriters/interviews/aki_kaurismaki_02.htm
    I just heart them all to fuck like.