San Francisco

Hi all!
First of all apologies for the prevalence of the textual type of posting, I will have some pictures and drawings to put up soon enough. And now:
Yuri was great, we (read: Eimhin) fanboyed the shit out of it and had a good gawk all over Francesca's gorgeous pictures. Special thanks to Piotr (who helped organise the event), Leda and Sasha who helped with a bit of translating for me and a shout out to Christian Robinson and Nick Sung and especially to Erin who was kind enough to give us a lift all the way back to our hostel after the film screenings. More San Fran fun tomorrow but first sleep!
PS apologies for the inevitable mispellings :(


  1. AWESOMES! oppertuneity of lifetime! JEALOUS!!!

  2. Seams lick yew arn heaving sum king off fan. Aye arm-prove off you're heaving fan! Fan ISS god. Jew Cannes heave ass mush fan ass yew wont fur Al Aye M. cornered. Teak card.

  3. Hey Eimhin,

    Thanks for the shot out :o)
    I'm totally feel'n your blog! I love the way you create images. I have to ask Nick when i can borrow your guys film. I'm glad you had a great visit to the states, it was a pleasure to share a ride with you and Padraig!

  4. Thanks guys, I love yews too