Eimhin going to Los Angeles and San Francisco, again.

Hey ya'll, thanks to the good work of Thelma Chambers and The National Film School I have been given funds to attend the Annie Awards this February 6th on Saturday in Royce Hall, UCLA, Los Angeles, where Pádraig Fagan and myself's film "The Rooster, the Crocodile and the Night Sky" is up for the Best Short Subject Award. I also plan to attend the Yuri Norstein presentation in San Francisco on the 7th. If any of you guys are about give me a shout and we can kick it west coast style!

Here is an image I contributed to Mr Kelleher's Calender project. This post needed an image, and it's all I had, I'm sorry that it's rubbish. It is October, a troubling month in my recollections.

Good day


  1. you lucky divil! thats rad!!

  2. Cheers Conor, sure tis all in front of yourselves now, our generation is a on the way out, these awards are just our death throes, you see

  3. was just on cartoon brew and apparently William fricken Shatner's gonna be hosting the Annie's! heck if he shatner he might even shit on you.. that'd be awsome right!?

  4. i like your october. it be radical, even though its quite low res.

  5. Whaddaya mean Leigh? It's uber high resolved, just not this particular version. Thanks anyways, I guess.