I have a feeling that the aspect ratio is gonna be wrong as soon as this finishes transcoding so I may have to redo the fellla at 1.0 square pixel.
Square Pixel 1024x576 + fixed some timing things and rain bits that were annoying me. The next step begins.


  1. Eimh this looks great, so hurry up and finish it, its been like 10 years in the making. You trying to pull a Richard Williams or what?!

  2. Cheers SuperChris. I've got two more shots to comp which have animation finished and scanned. Can't really animate any more though, it's just too 'old'. If I can recover the animo files I did in college and somehow extrapolate the drawings from that, so that I won't have to rescan them all, then I should at least get a few bits more of flashy comping dribbling in.
    Comping is fun :)
    Animation is sad :(
    Richard Williams has finished more films than me, that's how bad I am.