me:  Video!!! The future is now!
 Mairtin:  stop jerking around
Ich siehe du nicht
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 me:  Man your system is jacked
 Mairtin:  fuck your couch
you have a web cam?
 me:  YEAH in my fucking computer man
 Mairtin:  oh it's in the computer
 me:  Don't ask me how they got it in there
 Mairtin:  wizards
 me:  must be
or little little men with pointed shoes and hats
 Mairtin:  nah
you'd never get them from the fridges
 me:  Just a thought
 Mairtin:  fuck your thought
 me:  Ow. Bloody thought police. I hope my thought doesn't conceive of something now
 Mairtin:  fingers crossed
 me:  I'm sorry I think it had a miscarraige, my nose is bleeding
 Mairtin:  ...
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