1. Is that one of those Lomo camers or did ya take the front off an auld headlight/flashlamp or something?
    I'm thinking of starting a shop called Psychedelicatessen which will have wonderfully arranged fruit and veg displays, possibly dipped in acid... what ya think?

  2. In actual fact it is a casio digital camera. The trick is I was given a Kaleidoscopic lens by a friend of mine who had recently been to Berlin (one of them fashionable hippy types, you know the ones). Thus lens stuck in front of camera equal photos like this with multiple imagery overlay jazz.
    Psychadelicatessen seems like a perfectly sound business plan, I recommend some bird baths of purple and green fondant of a peppermint swirl resemblance, for the cherry on top and maybe, on the walls, various photos of Michael Jackson throughout the years?