Amelia & Evan

A mother and son portrait commission, in cardboard and craft paper, with ink gouache and watercolour.

Leroy, mostly

Belated season's greetings! Here are some more random pictures I've done for one thing or another over the past year:

Cutout commission

Cardboard, tissue paper, card, with gouache watercolour and ink, 250x250mm

Flipbook: Dog

I made a little flipbook of dog development:

Wolf-dog:               100,000 BCE
Spitz-type dog:         10,000 BCE
Bulldogge:                   1800 CE
Boston Terrier:            1960 CE

I basically just did a Boston Terrier drawing, then a wolf drawing, and then in-betweened them, so they’re not quite accurate in terms of timeline, but it’s a rough estimate

Chocolate Hounds

First I created a sculpt out of Sculpey

Creating the mold using the food quality silicone and the positive

The mold all ready

A big mess of chocolate

Fresh out of the mold after being frozen

White Chocolate & Milk Chocolate

'Brindled' white & milk chocolate

The white chocolate glows very nicely I thought, almost like marble


Portraits from the past few months, along with timelapse WIP for some:



I met this lovely pup nearly a year ago. Here are some things with him:

Sagan with Chops and Leroy

A papercraft sculpture

Print it out and try to make your own!


A stamp

As a puppy

For a chocolate mold

With a friend of his